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The National Council of Psychotherapists

Est. 1971


Evans, Deborah V. LNCP

REG. No. 201550


County Clare


00 353 6147 6843




Specialities: Meridian Therapy (EFT) All emotional Problems, Stress Management, Hypnotherapy


Dr. Keaney, Joseph E.  MNCP

REG. No.   201461

Cork City


TELE: No. 021 4273575 




Specialities: Analytical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, IBS, phobic anxiety, depression and blushing


O’Brien, John MNCP

REG. No. 201358 


Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny


Tele: 056 – 7728828     Mobile 086 3836790


Specialities: Hypnoanalysis, Hypno/Psychotherapy, Lift Depression, Improve your Golf


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