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Cole, Rosalind LNCP

REG. No. 201324




0780 1836893


Specialities: Anxiety disorders, Self esteem/confidence, Relationship problems


Duggan, Joy M. MNCP

REG. No. 201239


Somerset - Devon - Dorset


01460 61922




Specialities: Personal development, Prescription Drug Addiction, Transformative Therapy


Henderson, Russell L. MNCP

REG. No. 201435


Barnstaple, Devon


01271 830775




Specialities: Relationships, P. T. S. D. / Bereavement / Phobias / Addiction, Performance Anxiety, Trainer in Energy psychology


Miller, Catherine LNCP

REG. No. 201620


Dorset / Wiltshire / Hampshire

Blandford and Bournemouth


01258 458685


Specialities: Identifying and changing unsatisfactory relationship problems, Connecting childhood trauma to current difficulties, Strategies for effecting and managing any change, Hypnotherapy, Spiritually based Healing

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