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Frisby, John LNCP

REG. No. 201236


Cambridgeshire, Peterborough

01733 350 219




Specialities: General Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NHS Reg


NCP Accredited Supervisor

O’Connell, Caroline Julia LNCP

REG. No. 201408


Cambridgeshire - Willingham


01954 261400



Specialities: Multi-Model approach. Ten years experience working

with a wide range of emotional and personal issues. 


Purnell-Grange, Yvonne LNCP

REG. No. 201540


Cambridgeshire - Wisbech


01945 481776




Specialities: Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapist


Trayford, Janice LNCP

REG. No.  201384

Cambridgeshire - Peterborough 

01733 204954




Specialities: General Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NHS Reg.


NCP Accredited Supervisor


Lillian M. K, Sloan LNCP

REG. No. 201418


Thurlow, Haverhill


01440 783050

Mobile 07977231 575




Specialities: Gold Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Here to There Therapy

Young, Rosalyn LNCP

REG. No. 201494


Cambridgeshire - Peterborough

07906 260310


Specialities: Trauma Resolution, CID, Inner Child Therapy resolving childhood issues. Over 17 years experience in mental health. Clinical Hypnotherapist for NPS


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