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Campbell, Andrew LNCP
REG. No. 201706

Reading - Royal Berkshire

07933 958165



Specialities: Visiting Hypnotherapist

Denman, Dido MNCP

REG. No. 201159

Newbury and Reading


0118 9714663


Specialities: Resolving Sexual Abuse, Transpersonal therapy


Edwards, John FNCP

REG. No. 201230


Reading - Royal Berkshire


0118 9422955


Specialities: Psychosexual problems, Personal relationships, Panic/Anxiety, Life Coaching


Hall, Lucia LNCP

REG. No. 201490




0118 989 2399




Specialities: Trauma/Sexual Abuse, General Mental Health


Languages: English and Spanish


Noble, Caroline - LNCP

REG. No. 201592


Reading, Berkshire RG1 4AU


01189 585342




Specialities: Any Social, Emotional and Psychological issues

using suggestion therapy, regression, analysis and NLP

especially panic attacks and anxiety


Peet, Sandra MNCP

REG. No. 201328


Surrey, E.Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, S.W.London


01932 853667


Specialities: Loss & Bereavement, Infertility, Couples, PTSD, Phobias


Still, Kevin - LNCP

REG. No. 201593


Reading, Berkshire RG1 2SB


01189 888839




Specialities: Any Social, Emotional and Psychological issues using

Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy/Analysis, NLP and Talk Therapies


Also: Principal of The Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis

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