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Due to the nature of the material covered in the CID section of this site some people may find portions of this site disturbing or upsetting and some people may find themselves being reminded of events and experiences in their lives. If you find this happening please stop browsing the site. If the feelings persist consider the following options:


The following is specific to UK only


  • If already under the care of a health care professional contact them at the earliest opportunity

  • The Samaritans can be contacted 24Hrs a day on 0845 790 9090 - they provide confidential, emotional support through trained volunteers

  • If you or someone you know is in crisis consider consulting the duty Psychiatrist at your local Accident & Emergency Hospital Unit - details in your local phonebook or dial 999 in emergencies

  • Material contained on this site is "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" and should not replace the advice of your personal physician or medical adviser.  Neither is any of the information contained on this site to be considered a substitute for properly supervised professional training.

  • The compilers are not responsible for the content of any listed site or resource, and have not scrutinised the contents and links of all sites or the nature or quality of the services offered by organisations listed.

  • The compilers cannot assume any responsibility for the outcome of contact with any particular site, organisation, or individual.

  • Inclusion of any site or contact details is not in itself a recommendation or endorsement of what the site says or offers, or what the organisation represents or offers, and failure to include any particular site or resource does not imply any comment about its quality.

  • Links and resource listings are supplied in the interests of freedom of information and reciprocal links are invited.

  • The inclusion of a link or resource does not imply that the site's owner or the listed organisation has requested a link or inclusion.

  • The inclusion of a link or resource does not imply that the site owner or listed organisation endorses any of the content of this site.

  • If you have reason to comment about any particular site's listing or the inclusion of a listing on these pages, please e-mail  with the words 'Link comment' in the subject heading.

  • Please also report any non-functional links, or any addresses or telephone numbers which are no longer in use - although we run a check for these at regular intervals it remains an on-going effort.

  • If your link has disappeared, or your details are wrong or have changed please contact us. In the case of links it may be because it failed when we last ran our check: in this case please ask for it to be reinstated



  • We regret that we can not enter into correspondence with people seeking specific information about any condition beit physical or psychological. These concerns are best directed in person to an appropriate health care professional, charity or support organisation. The compliers of this site are not medically qualified and do not offer any diagnostic services.

  • Students of stress management or other training courses have in the past requested that we provide them with information to help them complete forthcoming examinations - we regret that we are unable to fulfill such requests and students should contact their tutors if they are experiencing difficulties with their course material



  • The material on this site is copyright respectively by the NCP, Michael O'Sullivan and David Bennett unless otherwise credited - all rights reserved. (Some of the text in this site has originated elsewhere - in these cases individual copyright subsists in such material).

  • Some material on these pages has been published in professional journals and newsletters - in such cases copyright usually remains the authors but in certain cases permission to reproduce an item may be required from individual editors.

  • Permission to download and copy material is given for purposes of private study and private reference only. For any other uses please e-mail 


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