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Est. 1971



The National Council of Psychotherapists, one of the longest established societies of its type in the country, being formed In 1971 following the 'Foster Report' on the statutory registration of psychotherapists, is a national association of therapists, mainly in private practice, to whom the public may confidently refer. Most schools of psychological thought are represented and a wide variety of therapeutic approaches is offered.


Administration is by Committee of Management. Complaints against individual members, should they arise, are thoroughly investigated by the Complaints & Disciplinary Sub-committee.


A quarterly Journal is published, which now carries an International Standard Serial Number and copies are lodged at the British Library, the National Libraries of Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the University Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge.


To become registered members of the Council, evidence of training, knowledge and experience, together with character testimonials, must be submitted to an Examination Committee. Written and oral examinations may also form part of the admission procedure.


All members are encouraged to meet regularly for peer-support / supervision and are bound by both a published Code of Ethics & Practice and comprehensive Rules & Constitution. Committee Advisers, an External Moderator and a mandatory requirement that all members must be Insured for both professional indemnity and public liability, complement the safeguards set in place for the protection of the public.


Although the Council itself is not a training organisation, a facility does exist whereby either member-run or external courses may be approved as offering suitable tuition towards the standard necessary for application to Licentiate Member status.


For an explanation of current membership grades please go to Current Entry Requirements


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