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A project of the Field Foundation Bully OnLine is the world's largest resource on bullying and related issues.  It is a virtual one-stop shop for anyone interested in bullying and related matters. 


The site is helpfully subdivided into a number of categories


·       Media centre – featuring news releases, requests for media interview, bullying on TV etc.

·       Bully news – with a ‘click here’ button to receive your free monthly enewsletter on bullying and related issues – I receive this regularly and it is an invaluable resource…

·       Bully action – offering practical advice for tackling bullying, plus legal and case law

·       For employers - Anti-bullying policy development

·       Bully resources - Links, resources and the world's best books on bullying and related subjects

·       Bully relations – covers related issues such as violence, rage, stalking, dealing with the bully in your family

·       Bullying case histories – stories told by survivors of bullying

·       Bully injury – this section deals with how bullying injures your health, understanding psychiatric injury, stress, trauma, PTSD, suicide

·       School bully online – covers school and child bullying, bullycide, myths, advice for parents


The issue of child bullying is perhaps the one which touches all of us when stories come to light.  This section is, like the rest of the site, very informative and user friendly.  It includes a section on frequently asked questions about child bullying and school bullying – see the FAQ page. This page also includes details of a strategy for dealing with a school which claims that bullying on the way to or from school is not their responsibility.

There is advice on what to do if being bullied or harassed by mobile phone or via text messages.

Common misperceptions about child and school bullying (e.g. that bullies are strong and victims are weak) are explored and overcome on the myths page.

Case law and out-of-court settlements related to bullying at school are on the case law page.

There's a recently added page, excerpted from the book “Bullycide: death at playtime”, on taking action to deal with bullying in school with advice for children, parents and teachers.

If you're a young person being bullied, or a parent looking for information on how to deal with school bullying, the School Bully OnLine links page lists organisations, helplines and web resources for tackling bullying between children as well as school bullying at school.

The books page lists books, reports and publications on child bullying and school bullying.


Related to the web site is a book:


Bully in sight
How to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying - Overcoming the silence and denial by which abuse thrives by Tim Field (Founder of
Foreword by Diana Lamplugh OBE
ISBN 0 9529121 04


The book merits a place as part of any professional library.


For targets of bullying...

  • Validates your experience of bullying when all around you are trying to deny it

  • Enables you to regain your sanity, stability and objectivity

  • Re-empowers you with insight and information

  • Offers practical advice throughout, is rich in content and free of psychobabble

  • Teaches you that you are not alone in your experience of being bullied

  • Confirms, identifies and describes the injury to health caused by bullying and harassment

  • Enables you to overcome the feelings of shame, embarrassment, fear and guilt bullies use to control you

  • Enables you to regain control of yourself, your situation, and your life

  • Provides the means for you to break the bully's hold over you

  • Explains to partner and family the hell you are experiencing

  • Provides valuable information on the legal process with case law for constructive dismissal

  • Helps you restart your existing career or start on the path to a new career

  • Gives you the insight and knowledge to be able to defend yourself against bullies in the future

For everyone...

  • Tells you how to beat the bullies

  • Reveals a major unrecognised cause of stress

  • Demolishes the myth that "you've got to bully people to get the job done"

  • Differentiates bullying from tough management

  • Tells you how to identify, expose and deal with the serial bully

  • Identifies the behaviours behind harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict and violence

  • Explains how abusers control their targets

  • Is based on solid, practical experience

  • Is written in plain English and is easy to read


Our thanks to Tim Field for allowing us to quote from his web site…


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