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From The Darkest Midlands to Deepest Mexico – An Adventure Disguised As a Teaching Experience


by   Tam Llewellyn-Edwards


Tam & Mary Llewellyn-Edwards have managed to convert their Internet surfing into an adventure disguised as a therapeutic teaching and learning experience as they travelled from the darkest Midlands to deepest Mexico. Tam and Mary (who are practitioners and trainers in a number of forms of Energy Psychology operating from a clinic in Tickhill, S Yorkshire) organised an educational trip for an international group of therapists who they had met via the Internet.  There were folk from Australia, America, New Zealand Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom on the trip.


The trip started with a visit to Coventry where Tam & Mary presented the Energy Therapy ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)’ at the AGM of the Hypnotherapy Association.  At that AGM they explained the process and then demonstrated it on about ten attendees in front of the whole group. Their reward was a bottle of fine wine and some chocolates, which disappeared during the next phase of the adventure.


From Coventry they drove to London to meet up, at a Heathrow hotel, with the UK contingent of the travelling group.  Following a dinner and night at the hotel the group flew the next morning to San Francisco.  This was an eleven-hour flight and the avoidance of jet lag led to the use of a number of therapies (including hypnotherapy, various energy therapies and homeopathy) being use to the concern and amusement of the other passengers.


At San Francisco the UK group met up with the overseas members of the party and took five hire cars from the airport through San Francisco and on to northern California. 


The route was carefully planned with the American member of the group (who knew which side of the road to drive on!) leading us into downtown San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Of course, all the cars lost touch with each other on the urban freeways.  This should not have been a problem as there was a scheduled rest-stop at a View Point on the north side of the bridge where we were to have regrouped.  However, as each car arrived it found that the Viewing Point had been closed for security reasons and each driver was left to his or her own devices to find the next contact point – a very small town off the main road in the far north of the State.


Here the adventure really started.  After the long flight, in the dark and with our lead car disappeared into the distance, we all took different tracks and stopped to rest (and eat) at different places.  At the route took (most of us) along tiny unfenced cliff top roads overlooking the Pacific Ocean the darkness was both a blessing and a curse. We missed the wonderful views, but avoided being terrified by the shear, unfenced drops to the ocean.


Eventually we all arrived at the little town of Gualala and found our rooms in a small but comfortable motel on the shoreline and gratefully sunk into our beds for the night.


The next morning dawned a wonderfully clear day and we were able to wake to beautiful views of the Pacific and start our whale watching from our beds.  Not many whales were seen but we were visited by a group of seals each morning.


The next day was spent sight seeing in the small town and recovering from our journey, but after that it was down to work.  After all, work was (I think) the main reason for the trip.  So it was back into the cars for a short run to Sea Ranch where Gary Craig, the originator of EFT has a spectacular home high above the Pacific Coast with many breathtaking views.  This was to be our base for the next four days while we attended an Advanced EFT Workshop with Gary.  We were able to experiment with his latest developments in EFT and many of the group were privileged to receive treatment from him.  Much of the treatment was videoed so will become available on video CD in the future for all to see and learn from.


After the four days it was time to move on.  The group split up.  Some drove north to explore the far north of the United States, others drove back to San Francisco to see the lights and others drove back down the Pacific Highway (seeing the spectacular views we had missed in the darkness of the outward trip) to America’s first National Park at Muir Woods where we could wonder at the giant redwood trees.  That evening many of the group met up again at a hotel in San Francisco for a farewell dinner before leaving the next morning in a limousine for the airport.


The trip was over for some, who then returned home, but others remained to enjoy a further holiday (I mean learning experience!).  Tam and Mary flew south to Los Angeles to meet up with Tapas Fleming (the originator of ‘Tapas Acupressure Technique, TAT’).  They had learned discussions with her, interspersed with trips to such places as Hollywood, Sunset Strip and the MGM Film Studio Complex.


After a few days in Los Angeles, Tam, Mary and Tapas flew on to Oaxaca in the south of Mexico to attend the 1st Latin American Energy Therapy Symposium, sponsored by AMERICRISIS (A group of volunteer therapists who help the victims of natural and man-made disasters in Latin America).  At the Symposium they presented EFT to the attendees, who included the volunteer therapists and members of the local fire, ambulance and police service who are involved with rescue work.  Again they demonstrated the effectiveness of EFT by treating a group of 15 volunteers from the audience who were relieved of various aches and pains as the attendees looked on.


Yes, they also found time in their crowded schedule to visit the famous Montealban Maya Pyramids and see round that beautiful area of Southern Mexico.


After a rather hectic ten days we returned home, to a more mundane task of running our clinic and school at Tickhill - tired but at the same time excited and energised by the experiences.


What of the future?  The group is already planning further trips to Romania, United States, Mexico and New Zealand.  Learning therapy can be a rewarding and exciting experience and can be combined with an enjoyable holiday amongst lovely people.





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