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Metaphysical Magic!

As a hypnotherapist of a few years with much time taken up in analysis, I thought I had it pretty much sussed with regard to healing and growth. A lot had changed for the better over the years and I was certainly a much more easy going and confident person. Yet something was still missing from all of this, at times I felt disconnected from others, ‘stuck’ in my life and had no idea where I was going. It’s as if I had resolved so much but was still unable to manifest the things I truly wanted. Then I would easily slip into a state of ‘victim consciousness’ that affected my health, ability to move on, relationships, finances, work and just about everything else. It was as if I was treading water but never really reaching land, it was time to expand my awareness.

During this time I discovered a book called ‘Living Magically’, by Gill Edwards. A spiritual, yet practical and down to earth book that was to change me and consequently my life forever. This book and subsequent other books spoke of a realm where all possibilities are possible, a realm beyond the physical senses, a realm of mystery and spirit, an infinite and eternal dimension that transcends form and goes beyond time and space, that place or non-place that has gripped the hearts of human beings throughout history.

And that realm is all around us and within us at all times, in fact we are it and it is us, it is a place where magic can happen and where we become the co-creators of our own destiny and lives every second, and we do this purely with our thoughts, and the celestial guides that want to help us. All matter is an expression of the divine mind. Thought creates energy creates light creates trapped light creates atoms and molecules. Consciousness creates matter!. Not only do we bring atoms and molecules into being but - according to metaphysic s- we choreograph their dance. Consciousness is the source of everything, nothing happens unless we make it happen, we actually manifest our reality. Metaphysics not only suggests that we merely influence the world ‘out there’, but that everyday reality only exists in the precise form that we create it - through our own conscious beliefs, attitudes and expectations.

It may be that you already know this, but is your life really going the way you want it?

Do you feel you could be more expansive in your work? Maybe you feel you are not even doing the right work!  Are you still searching for inner peace, soul friendships, a soul mate, harmonious relationships or an end to money worries?. Are you still dreaming of abundance, prosperity and wealth, but not actually achieving this? Perhaps you would like to become more creative and productive, overcome inner blockages, have better health, or maybe you just need to feel more connected to a spirit guide, angel, God force or your higher self, the possibilities are endless.

To me psychotherapy needs metaphysics, and metaphysics needs psychotherapy, the two go hand in hand perfectly. This is what changed everything for me and I learnt a valuable lesson, that change work and inner growth never ends. It is what we have come here to do.


If you are interested in now creating the life of your dreams and want to know more about the workshops I run on’ Metaphysics’, please send a S.A.E to Michelle Wolfe-Emery at:


Live The Magic of Metaphysics

29, Beach’s Drive, Chelmsford

Essex. CMI 2NJ

Tel:    01245 495591




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