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European Energy Psychology & Energy Therapies Conference Oxford August 2002


August 2002 saw the second European Energy Psychology Conference in Oxford, UK.  The first was held in Switzerland in 2001.  The third is already planned and the location is Oxford and the date is booked for August 2003. 


For the first time in the UK, many leaders in this field as well as new presenters came together.  The opening plenary session was held in the lecture theatre of the Oxford University Museum.  Almost one hundred and fifty people attended this conference. Delegates came from Israel, Thailand, Canada, America and many parts of Europe. 


Susan Courtney was the Chair of the Conference which was sponsored by The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, True Change Energy Psychology and The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  She did a superb job right from the dream to the reality. 


Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford hosted the pre- and post- conference workshops as well as the main conference.  The pre-conference workshops started on the 31st of July and the event continued through to the post-conference workshops on the 7th of August.


On the Friday evening there were around fifty presenters who came together for a buffet  and enjoyed the stimulation of meeting new and old friends. It was great to have Larry Nims, Tapas Fleming and Paul Newcomb together in the same room.  Old and new friends as well as many more in between made this a very worthwhile occasion.  There was a piano and flute concert in the college chapel on Saturday evening.  Due to the vast array of presenters, there were far too many sessions to fit into the days.  This was easily taken care of with audio recordings of all the sessions being taped and on sale afterwards.


There was something for everyone’s taste.  If animal welfare was your choice then Catherine O’Driscoll from Forfar in Scotland was on hand to share her experience.  If learning more about how to control Compulsive Behaviour was of interest, then Gloria Arenson was a mine of information from California.  Marla Brucker’s familiar workshop on Mind over Metal always attracts serious as well as sceptical attendees.  Marla comes from San Diego.  Our home grown Martyn Dawes from Milton Keynes, with ideas of Mind over Weight and his newly released book on the same subject caused much interest from home and abroad.  Tam & Mair Llewellyn-Edwards presented FREEWAY, an energy therapy developed in the UK by Tom Bolton & Bev Anderson, and Silvia Hartmann introduced her newly developed EmoTrance, and also taught it at a post-conference session.


Three really firm favourites were Tapas Fleming from California, Larry Nims from Orange County and Paul Newcomb from Africa.


Tapas ran a two day Practitioner Training Workshop on her Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and a one day trainer training day to follow.  Tapas is an extremely gifted practitioner with a background in acupuncture.  During the conference Tapas ran an hour and a half taster.  Following this short experience many of the delegates arranged to stay over unexpectedly to the post conference days, even rearranging their lives to make this possible. TAT links the acupuncture meridians with the vision centres to change our point of view about problems in our lives. More details of the TAT technique can be found at Tapas Fleming’s site:  “”


Larry Nims, who trained with Dr Callahan at the same time as Gary Craig, was very warmly welcomed by all who were there.  He also ran a two day post conference Practitioner Training Workshop.  Be Set Free Fast was developed as a simple tool which could be accessible to many.   As this technique has evolved it no longer necessitates the need for tapping.  He emphasises teaching and training his clients, of all ages, to use BSFF on their own to help themselves to Be Set Free Fast. Larry is a clinical psychologist and is noted for his warmth, compassion and humour.   For more details:  “”


Paul Newcomb presented the Gentle Touch in a one-and-a-half hour session.  He also ran a post conference training day.  He wanted to demonstrate that no-cost alternatives work and are the only viable hope for the Third World. The Gentle touch has been relieving pain for well over a hundred years. At age 77, Paul suddenly felt called to bring the Gentle Touch to the world.  This technique can be learned, practiced, and shared by anyone.  It has been  passed down from father to son, the Gentle Touch is now being taught in South Africa and Costa Rica to help Third World people relieve their pain without expensive drugs or procedures.  For further details: “


The conference ended on a very positive high note of continued expectancy for future similar conferences in America and the Third European Energy Psychology Conference, Oxford University.


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