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Attitudes of health and disease

Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar


"Most emotional distress results from the unconscious recording of a problem that hasn't been solved" Dr Edgar Barnett


The way we arrange our reality, the way we feel, think and believe exerts a great influence on our physiological health. Studies have shown that emotional stress and unhealthy attitudes contribute to a wide spectrum of ailments - beginning with headaches and migraines, through cardiovascular diseases and digestive disorder to cancer, AIDS and autoimmune diseases (and many more). I believe that thoughts, feelings and attitudes affect every single illness. Indeed, it is known that stress and negative attitudes can tremendously decrease the efficacy of our immune system, making us much more susceptible to illness


In my practice, I have found that clients with negative attitude are prone to long-term diseases and have a lower threshold of pain. When their attitudes change, their physical problems frequently 'disappear' without any direct intervention. In many other cases, symptoms subside, stress levels become manageable and life is taking over.


In their book 'Change Your Mind, Change Your life', Jampolsky and Cirincione wrote: "When our hearts and minds are joined with only loving thoughts, the most powerful healing force known to humanity is experienced - the healing power of love" 


Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT) is a new, innovative therapeutic approach that combines bodywork, body-psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and stress management. It is a journey to find health and balance through the body.


I offer a safe and respectful place to explore what it means to be you, and to allow you to express life more fully in you. I offer you support and guidance to explore deeper levels of being. You will have a chance to observe patterns and attitudes, and as they change to notice how your life change as well.


In the sessions we might use various modalities to de-stress, balance and strengthen your immune system, your body and your mind. Body Processes include movement and massage, Reichian processes and Meridian therapies. Conscious process include various Stress-Management and psychotherapeutic approaches. Unconscious processes draw from hypnotherapy and shamanic journeys, NLP, storytelling and healing.



Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar: Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT), Hypnotherapy and Stress-Management
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Tel: 01707-661501, email: , web:
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Bliss (Portobello Rd, London): 020-89693331, The Bassett Clinic (St Albans): 01727-656687





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