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Creating space for our clients to allow themselves to bring about their own healing is the most important thing that we can do for them.  It tends to feel so safe to hang on to techniques and yet it is often out of the gaps and silences that something special emerges.


Dr. Ernest Rossi, who spent many years apprenticing himself to Milton Erickson, has emerged as a master of the art of just being with the client. In common with other brilliant psychotherapists, from whatever background, sensitive, focused observation is the key, in tandem with minimal, subtle responses and an ability to just wait for creative processes to emerge and evolve.


Telling people what to do is, of course, seldom very effective and ways need to be found to transcend the limitations of the rational and tap the wellsprings of creativity.  One way of doing this, as Rossi discovered, is to let the hands experience, and work with, different parts of the personality.


By offering a problem, recognised by the rational mind, to the hands to work with, the treasurehouse of the unconscious is automatically set free.  The therapist can, for instance, encourage one hand to work with the presenting issue, while the other hand explores different resources, possibilities and inherent potentials.  Just by being totally present with the problem, solutions do tend to emerge, apparently all on their own.  The most important learning for the therapist is trust; trust in the process and in remaining totally present.


Elspeth Campbell will be presenting two workshops – on Saturday 10 November 2001 and 27 January 2002 – in this work. The cost will be £85 each or £150 for both, if booked by 26 October. Telephone: Windsor 01753 857051.




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