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By Harold Van Colle


  1. Most of the phenomena can be seen to be associated with the survival mechanisms of the animal kingdom based on instincts --the need for water. Food, awareness of danger, social structuring, establishing territories.

  2. Instinctive behaviour is not connected with a thinking process as in humans. Some evidence for that is the building of nests, dams, tunnels, always in specific forms.

  3. Some humans have the sensitivity to latch-on to some animal instincts e.g. dowsing, mental telepathy etc, but success, as in experiments, is much dependent upon the ability to set aside the critical faculty during experiments. It seems that the critical faculty in humans when in operation blocks off access to animal instincts. Experiments with mental telepathy were conducted for a PhD (Ernesto Spinelli), the subjects being young children. The youngest group at around 3 years were highly telepathic, way beyond chance, and it was found that as older children were involved, so the percentage of "hits" diminished due, it would seem, to the fact that the older children had a more developed critical faculty.

  4. It was found, ,in dowsing for example, that if the dowser is under "test’ (as in an attempt to prove results scientifically), the pressure in the mind of the dowser will be affected by the wish to succeed. Any form of guessing will create a false reaction. It has to be remembered that there is a direct connection between the mind and the body, as illustrated by experiments in ideo-motor (automatic) activity, and any form of "expectation" will lead to a false result.

  5. In the case of pigeons flying long distances to return to their lofts, dogs and cats travelling back to their homes, salmon crossing the Atlantic back to the home rivers, scientists have suggested that the earth’s magnetic field is the means by which these amazing journeys have been accomplished. It might be true that in certain instances the earth’s field could be involved (as in the migration of birds), but it would certainly not explain the accuracy by which a pigeon, for example, finds its home loft in a house within a row of terraced houses within a city. During a few years of experimental work I found impregnation was a feature of psychic phenomena. That objects could be impregnated by both touch and by thoughts. Pigeons, dogs, cats, and probably salmon, impregnate their home bases, so that the return home is achieved by dowsing for themselves, the impregnations being ‘themselves".

  6. My observations in 5) probably have a connection with the impregnation of water, as associated with homoeopathy and the memory of water.

I have deliberately offered views in shortened form, but shall be more than happy to hear from any readers who wish to challenge, question or discuss in greater detail anything I have suggested.


Harold Van Colle

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