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Video Tape Reviews

By Pat Doohan MNCP

Our Member, Georges Philips, has put together two excellent training videos which will benefit not only those just starting out on a career in Hypnotherapy but also experienced practitioners who may be in need of an injection of new thinking regarding inductions and suggestions.

Hypnotic Inductions and Post Hypnotic Suggestions

There are no special effects on this video, just Georges and his subject sitting opposite each other in a room. It takes the form of short sessions using other therapists, and new students will gain an enormous amount from observing Georges’ technique and noticing his interactions with his subjects. Because the subjects are all therapists, they are able to ask Georges questions at each stage, thus enabling him to clarify the techniques so that beginners will understand what is happening. After using an induction, Georges asks his subject for feedback in order to give the viewer an insight into the effect the technique is likely to have on clients. 

In this video, several different inductions are utilised, including accessing previous trance states, confusion and Ericksonian type inductions, at which Georges appears to be extremely skilled. Of particular interest to all therapists will be his induction script for use with intellectual clients who, as we all know, can be quite difficult in that they tend to analyse everything that is happening, thus delaying the moment when they begin to relax. In this script, Georges gives the conscious mind several different tasks to perform, thus ensuring that it is kept occupied while the subconscious in accessed. This is a very elegant script and should prove to be very effective with this type of client.

Georges also demonstrates the use of Post Hypnotic Suggestions, telling the viewer when to use them, how to word them, triggering and removing them. This video would be an excellent teaching tool for Training establishments and for students wishing to learn at their own pace.

Hypnotic Inductions and Deepening Techniques

The format of this video is the same as the previous one – questions and answers coupled with practical demonstrations and is every bit as good. Altogether, Georges demonstrates nine different inductions and deepening techniques, all of which appear to be very effective. These inductions include: Fingertip or shiny object, Eye and Breath Synchronisation, Finger on Forehead with breathing deepener, Finger focus with reversed instruction deepener and several more equally elegant techniques, all carried out very capably by Georges.Viewers will also notice the language patterns used throughout this video – in fact, frequent reminders to do so scroll across the bottom of the screen. Pacing and leading are also demonstrated to very good effect. Viewing this video regularly cannot fail to assist all therapists in their quest to improve and/or add to their skills.I cannot recommend them both highly enough.

These videos are on sale at £25.00 each, either from Georges himself or from AA Books. However, if you purchase both tapes directly from Georges, you will receive a copy of his book entitled My Little Book of Verbal Antidotes absolutely free!

Contact: Georges Philips, ICET Ltd., 808A, High Road, Finchley, London, N12 9QU England. Phone/Fax: 020 8446 2210


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