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All organisations, including the NCP, have within their rules something to the effect that members must continue to educate themselves after training. This is a laudable aim and we do not wish to change this in any way, however, what about the cost?

We all know that seminars and workshops can vary, from around £75.00 to £120.00 per day and they are not always good value for money. So what do you do? You could avoid all of them and restrict your education, or of course you can risk your time and money and hope that things will turn out ok. Whatever it is that you do, we have developed a better way for members. SPONSORED EDUCATION.

What is sponsored education? Put simply it involves the NCP arranging, with good tutors and trainers, workshops and seminars at very cost effective prices. Why should we do this? Because we believe in affordable continuing education.

Our first workshops will take place in Birmingham during 2001 and we hope that you will support us.

Below are dates and details of these first workshops; I feel sure that you will agree with us that they are tremendous value for money


Growing pressures of work, combined with forthcoming European legislation and the introduction of no win/no fee arrangements by the legal profession is about to make stress a big issue for the corporate world. This will represent many opportunities for therapists and counsellors. The number of individuals seeking help for stress related work problems will increase dramatically and there will also be opportunities to act as professional advisors, on stress, to corporate clients.

The NCP has joined forces with Georges Philips and Tony Jennings to bring you a one-day training program that is unrivalled in the UK.

Georges and Tony's company, Stress Assessment Services (SAS), has been at the forefront of this fast growing and lucrative market and they have agreed to share their knowledge of this with you during this training day.

Topics to be covered include:-

  • An overview of stress in the corporate world
  • An introduction to the subject of stress
  • Services that can be offered to corporate clients
  • Services that can be offered to private individuals

This training day is scheduled for 18 February 2001 in Birmingham and the cost will be £35.00 per delegate. Yes that is right, the cost is only £35.00 for the whole day as the NCP is sponsoring the event.


A one day NLP taster on 12 May 2001 at the same incredible low cost.

The NLP Training day has been specifically tailored for therapists and will include the following:-

  • How to build strong and appropriate relationships with clients
  • An explanation of meta model language patterns
  • Conscious and unconscious modelling
  • An understanding of people's States and how to change them
  • How to use presuppositions in a therapeutic setting
  • A practical methodology to assist clients to create compelling futures

Can you afford to miss such a reasonably priced seminar?


A very special weekend on 16 and 17 June 2001 that will bring you all the chance to learn Gold Psychotherapeutic Counselling. The normal cost of this weekend is £300.00; however, due to the NCP sponsorship, this weekend will cost you only £150.00, a massive saving of 50% which we feel brings this therapeutic approach within everyone's reach.

This weekend will include within the price;

  • Examination fees
  • Diploma
  • One year's telephone supervision
  • Free first year membership to the Association of Gold Counsellors

Can you really afford to miss this chance? Call us now to pre-book your place as numbers will be limited.

Future one day training seminars will include:-

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Critical Incident Debriefing -

How to Help Survivors Of Child Abuse - Understanding False Memory Syndrome

We shall be writing to you all with booking forms in the near future. In the meantime, if any of you have any comments to make or, indeed, if you wish to pre-book your place on any of the training days, please contact us on the usual number.


The new style membership certificates will be issued as members renew their subscriptions on January 1st 2001. All new certificates will carry the members' personal registration number.


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