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The applicant must:

Have been a Licentiate Member, within supervision/peer-support, for a minimum of one year;


b) Submit a typed, double-spaced essay (min. 3000 words) on a relevant topic which successfully demonstrates their belief and practise and which offers evidence of at least one major theoretical approach;


c) Submit a typed, double-spaced case study (min 3000 words), which demonstrates their ability to integrate their preferred methodology with one particular client throughout a typical course of therapy;


d) Provide full contact details of two professional referees.


In the case of those applicants considered by the Committee to have exceptional, relevant qualifications and/or extensive clinical experience, Direct Entry to Full Member may be permitted subject to a short autobiography, satisfactory professional references, personal interview and acceptance of the requirements within development, (excluding v), outlined above.

N.B.1 - The non-returnable application fee for either grade is currently £25.00 and a cheque in this sum, made payable to 'NCP' and addressed to the Membership Secretary, should accompany all submissions. There are print off application forms on this site - see below for hyperlinks.

N.B.1 - Acceptance of any application is solely at the discretion of the Committee of Management who reserve the right not to accept any application, furthermore no reason need be given by the Committee should Membership be declined.

N.B.3 Please enclose two copies of all documents, including Application Form.


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