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Licentiate Membership is determined by consideration of the applicant's professional training, competence and development as outlined below and all areas are considered to be compulsory. Also implicit is the requirement that applicants will possess those personal qualities, which make them suitable for the profession of psychotherapy.

Training Requirement

a) The applicant must have successfully undertaken a relevant training programme (such as that provided by NCP accredited courses) of no less than I year full time or 2 years' part time duration (i.e. combined theoretical and practical training in at least one established psychotherapeutic approach) or its equivalent, of not less than 900 hours overall, consisting of a minimum 180 hours of classroom tuition; reading assignments, preparation of reports/theses; opportunities for group interaction; personal supervision and personal therapy of the type relevant to the course;


b) Where the applicant has less formal training in psychotherapy than the above, evidence of sufficient training and clinical experience in terms of time and commitment must be provided which would equate with an acceptable qualification. The burden of proof, here, lies with the applicant.


a) The applicant must submit two case studies (min. 1500 words each) plus a short autobiography, all to be typed double-spaced. Also required is either a personal interview or a letter of recommendation from a Full Member of the National Council (MNCP or FNCP).


b) The applicant may sit a three hour written examination on psychology and psychotherapy and will need to achieve the required pass mark. (N.B. Details available from the Membership Secretary.) A short autobiography, plus letter of recommendation or interview, as above, is also required.


The applicant must furnish all necessary details and sign the Commitment to Personal and Professional Development (inherent within the application form) as listed below ---

This requires the applicant to:

i) Provide an undertaking to ongoing professional and personal development by regular participation in training seminars or workshops throughout his/her working life;

ii) Undertake to practice in a manner which adheres to the NCP Code of Ethics and practice;

iii) Demonstrate, on an annual basis, that he/she is covered by appropriate insurance in respect of both public liability and professional indemnity;

iv) Accept the principle and practice of personal supervision/peer-support;

v) Provide two character references (not Bank or Legal sources.)


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